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Tap into 20 plus years

of "Hands On" experience

Gary is available on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to undergo special projects you may have, execute training, develop systems, update you and your team on latest online laws and trends on the web and share latest cutting edge methodologies.

Work Remotely

Sometimes it makes sense to have Gary work remotely from your work premises ..

  • there may not be enough work space in your working environment
  • your business is remote to Perth WA
  • the project you want Gary for is secret

Regardless of the reason, the “Remote Working” option is very workable.

If the job requires Gary to perform certain tasks on his own then this is not a problem and Gary logs his times and performance measures in each “end-of-day” so you know at any stage where work is at.


If the task is remote training your staff then Skype is the perfect option.

  • Training can be one-on-one or it can be group training.
  • Gary utilises all multimedia options in the training program.
  • The sessions are presented in live-feed video with audio and Gary regularly throws out to “shared screen” and presentation slides.

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