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Tap into 20 plus years

of "Hands On" experience

Gary is available on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to undergo special projects you may have, execute training, develop systems, update you and your team on latest online laws and trends on the web and share latest cutting edge methodologies.

Work At Your Premises

If your business is based in the Perth area then having Gary work in your premises may be your preferred outcome.
Other areas, including outside of Western Australia can certainly request Gary to work within their work place but travel and accommodation will be an extra charge.

Depending on your needs ..

  • you may want Gary working on a new or special project on his own or with a team member
  • you may have Gary on deck to observe your current methods and systems to improve on these
  • you may want Gary to train up staff

The options are endless.

There are a lot of advantages of having Gary on-site including ..

  • work is being performed on your equipment and therefore staff don’t have a learning curve on the equipment
  • hands-on training in the proper environment is as good as it gets
  • there is a chance that other team members will also gain from Gary’s presence


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