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Gary Pudney of DKG Creative, Everything Web Perth and Pure Image Multimedia is the webmaster for The Growth Box, and currently sits on the Board of the MDBA/The Growth Box. Gary has been helping local business owners move their business online to capture new markets successfully since the early 1990’s. Located in The Growth Box his door is always open for advice or help if required.

Gary spent some years as part of a mining commissioning team responsible for all above ground operations for a silver/lead/zinc mine near Cobar in NSW. Gary’s role was team leader and worked in the computer control room controlling below ground air supply, above ground grinding mills, general operations flow and other duties including monitoring the town’s water supply.

From there Gary took a corporate role as Operations Manager/Purchasing Officer for an Australia Wide Perth based swimwear company where he setup and introduced barcoding into their warehousing operations, was heavily involved in computerising the entire operations from orders, manufacture, warehousing and product delivery. Gary was also responsible for the import/export of materials and the setup of the company’s national sales force remote ordering infrastructure and their website network.

Gary then began his own business in web development focusing on working closely with small business owners benchmarking their unique operations and implementing white hat SEO techniques to grow their market. Since the early 1990’s there has been many changes in both technologies and Google algorithms which resulted in many web companies falling by the way side however Gary’s business grows in strength and stood the test of time. Gary has gained competency in many online disciplines in this time including SEO (in particular LOCAL SEO). Social Media and Video production and marketing.

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My Office is located inside The Growth Box ..
5 Carson Road, Malaga WA 6090

Ph: (08) 9201 3661
Skype: pud123


I am a Board Member of the MDBA & The Growth Box.


You have the unique opportunity to draw on Gary’s experience and shortcut your path to success.

If you need assistance in …

  • mastering photoshop
  • mastering vector drawing
  • mastering video editing
  • setting up your email and electronic office
  • your social media presence
  • local SEO optimisation strategies
  • video marketing opportunities

Gary is available for hire for in-house training, training at The Growth Box, or 1 on 1 skype sessions. You may also like to browse the online shop to see what web tools are available to give you an edge over your competition.

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Have Gary train your team in their own work environment, or in the training facilities at The Growth Box.

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If you are based outside of Perth, be it rural or interstate then you can connect with Gary on Skype.

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